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Release into the Landscape Exhibition submissions

Release into the Landscape Exhibition 11-13 December 2020

The Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative welcomes submissions from participants in our Release into the Landscape Exhibition launched in August to support our community as it copes with the challenges of Covid-19. Our programme has includes online videos (, a series of talks and guides walks in preparation for the December exhibition at the Alston House Hotel. We also welcome contributions from artists and photographers who were unable to join any of our events but want to exhibit their work. Our thanks to the Alston House Hotel for supporting us throughout.

The Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative (ALATI) was set up last winter to promote Alston Moor’s landscape widely. Its board of trustees includes two artists and three landscape photographers. Its goal is to celebrate Alston Moor’s landscapes, to attract visitors year-round to enjoy courses, art trips and exhibitions and to support local artists and photographers. We benefit from support from the Alston Moor Partnership’s Community Fund.


Friday 11th, Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th December


Alston House Hotel, Townfoot, Alston, Cumbria.

Exhibition entry requirements:

The work must be inspired by/ influenced by Alston/ Alston Moor and/ or the North Pennines.

The work must have been created in the same period as ‘Release into the Landscape’ has been publicised – 18th August 2020 to November 27th 2020.

The work must be submitted online via email in the first instance to . Please answer the questions below and see details of online submission. Deadline for online submissions is Friday 27th November at 5pm.

Artists/ photographers will be informed whether their work has been successful by Monday 30th November.

The work must be approved by the ALATI board of trustees. This is to ensure art work that has controversial or offensive content or meaning will be considered before being exhibited to avoid offence to the general public. (This does not mean that art work that challenges or questions popular belief will necessarily be discarded)

Any medium is permitted and 3-dimensional work can be displayed on plinths

All 2-dimensional work must be fitted with D-rings and hanging wire, ready for hanging.

All accepted art work is submitted at the artist’s own risk, and must be delivered to the venue on Wednesday 9thth December 2020 between 9am to 12pm.

Submitted works must be collected on Monday 14th December 2020 from Alston House Hotel between 9am and 12pm.

Name of artist/ photographer:


Email address:



Which Release into the Landscape theme is your focus here: movement, light or colour?

Size of art work:

Title of art work and brief description:

A brief biography of you, the artist:

Date completed:

Please attach a jpeg of the work with your email

(please note there is no minimum number of entries to this exhibition – entry is free of charge, but there is a 30% commission charge on any works sold during the exhibition towards ALATI)

We would like to add you to our mailing list, to provide future events and information relating to ALATI. If you do not wish for your information to be added to our list, please indicate in your email to us.

We look forward to seeing your work.

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