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Prize-winning artists as young as two

Nearly 60 people braved the December snow on Alston Moor to bring their children to St Augustine of Canterbury Church where the high sheriff of Cumbria, David Beeby, was handing out the prizes for the ‘Autumn on Alston Moor’ art competition.

Children as young as two and up to 13 were among 129 who submitted pictures for the week-long competition.

High sheriff David Beeby handed out the awards at the exhibition [Ian Johnson]

Eleven adults also exhibited work, some for the first time ever.

The Competition and Open Exhibition were organised by the Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative (ALATI). During the Exhibition, people were encouraged to vote for the best picture.

The quality of the work was very high according to the artists and visitors and 10 prizes were awarded.

Staff at the Alston Moor Federation Schools and Alston Preschool Group were praised for their hard work by ALATI chair Kathy Reeds at the event.

‘This is a celebration of our wonderful landscape by the children and adults of Alston Moor who see it every day,’ she said. ‘The quality was very high and we cannot thank them enough. One delighted prize-winner said she had spent four hours on her picture and was pleased with the result.’

The competition and open exhibition started on Saturday, 27 November, at St Augustine’s Church, Alston, and ended a week later, on Saturday, 4 December.

David Beeby, the high sheriff of Cumbria, is chair of the Cumbria Community Foundation which made a £1,000 award to ALATI for the exhibition and the earlier one in September. ALATI also thanked Revd Mark Nash-Williams and his team, Saddler’s Bistro for the prize-giving refreshments and the Hainton Symphonic Orchestra for the music.

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