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Release into the Landscape event 24th Aug - Alston House Hotel

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Release into the Landscape painting/photography opportunity.

If you are a member of the public with an interest in/ enthusiasm for painting or photographing the landscape then Release into the Landscape is for you. You will be aided by our Board of Trustees’ artists and photographers throughout this four session initiative. Worried about social distancing? Release into the Landscape can be done entirely online, or a combination of online and out in the landscape either on your own or as part of a small group. Everything you need will be available for you on this website. We plan an exhibition in the run up to Christmas time to display all the Release into the Landscape work. In time to buy a special Christmas gift!

Session 1 starting week beginning 17th August

This is where we encourage you to go out into the landscape and connect with the environment around you. Either select your own location around Alston OR go to the location provided by Helen Johnson Artist OR use the images provided to inspire you.

Helen Johnson has chosen the view seen below and all details of getting there are included:

OS Explorer Map OL31 – North Pennines Teasdale and Weardale.

Grid reference: West sheet – 71.2 - 47.3

If you wish to stay inside during this period of uncertainty, please use the selected image below to help provide inspiration for you:

The only equipment you will need for this session is a notebook/ paper and pencil/pen. Once you have chosen your location/ image then choose a theme from the 3 themes: Movement, Colour or Light. Spend at least 20 minutes, ideally one hour looking at the location/ image and jotting down notes in your notebook that come to mind whilst looking.

Please see the PowerPoint ‘Release into The Landscape’ with resources and links to websites to help you think about each theme before you go.

Your notebook might look something like this:

Try to write down everything that comes into your head – no matter how random! It may help your painting in future sessions. Note you do not have to make any drawings/ sketches at this time (although you may want to) future sessions will look at this. If you have a camera or a phone/camera, take lots of photos of the area – not just the view but surrounding area as well. These will also help as aid memoirs for you at a later date when making your painting.

Session 2 starting week beginning Monday 24th August (this session is £10 per head and places are limited)

A version of session 2 will be available online through the website following the event for those who are self-isolating.

Please book a slot on the website to avoid disappointment as places are limited due to social distancing. All social distancing protocols will be strictly adhered to for your and everyone else’s safety. In this session we will begin to construct a painting based on your initial observations from the view. If you have the time to go back to your view and do some initial sketches then great, but this is not necessary to participate in Session 2.

Equipment you will need for Session 2:

· Good quality sketchbook or watercolour paper

· Good quality drawing pencils and/ or drawing pens

· Watercolour paints

· Watercolour brushes

Helen Johnson will be able to provide some materials for those who don’t have any, and there will be the option to purchase materials and equipment on the day.

Session 3 –mid to late September

Our artists and photographers will hold group talks at different locations, exploring the three themes: movement colour and light, and advise on how to realise your themes.

Session 4- mid-late September

Back to our central venue for a technical session in groups on how to improve your image prior to submission to the December exhibition (if you wish).

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