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ALATI Newsletter 1

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative (ALATI) Newsletter 1 10/4/20

Since our email of 20 March, the expanded ALATI committee has been working hard to create an infrastructure within which the group can operate. This includes applying for a grant for phase 1 of the website, setting up a Facebook page (now up and running and called Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative), refining a constitution (based on the Charity Commission models) before setting up a bank account. We are indebted to the Alston Moor Partnership Community Fund for their financial support.

Importantly, we are also putting together ideas of how this group can serve the community of Alston Moor. We plan a wide range of activities and events based around landscape art and photography. Although our programme of talks has had to be curtailed because of the current pandemic, we still plan to sponsor the exhibition of landscape art at the Nenthead Arts and Visitor Centre from 22 June for 4 weeks, showing new work by Lionel Playford, Gillie Cawthorne, Helen Johnson and Ben Haslam.

Once the website Is up and running, it will feature tutorials on both landscape photography and art, as well as carrying lots of information about ALATI.

In the meanwhile, we are hoping to find premises in Alston town centre for a pop-up gallery so that we will be have a visible presence in the town as soon as restrictions are lifted. If anyone can help us with this, please get in touch.

Finally, thanks to everyone for their interest and support.

Your ALATI committee: Helen Johnson, Lionel Playford, Brian Davies, Mike Knowles, Gordon Monk, Jane Burdett (Treasurer) and Jon and Kathy Reeds (Chair)

Tel: 01434 321 788

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