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ALATI Newsletter 4

Newsletter 4 18 August 2020

Release into the Landscape Exhibition: and we’re off!

This week we launch our long-promised Release into the Landscape Exhibition for anyone interested in enhancing their painting and photography skills. Our website – – is live with instructions on how to prepare for this exhibition or simply to participate. It details your preparations (Session 1).

On Monday next, 24 August, we have the second session with talks for both artists and photographers at the Alston House Hotel starting at 2pm. The themes will be Movement, Colour and Light and will be led by Helen Johnson, artist, and Mike Knowles, photographer.

Mike says whether you are interested in rural landscapes, capturing sunrises and sunsets, photographing the myriad wildflowers that abound on the moor or the many ruins and disused mine buildings, then this is the perfect introduction for photographers. This session will cost £10 each and you need to book in advance to ensure Covid compliance – details on the website

In the third session, in mid-September, our artists and photographers will hold group talks at guided locations exploring the three themes and how participants can realise them in their work.

The fourth and final session will be at Alston House Hotel in late September covering technical aspects of improving your image prior to submission for the exhibition (if you wish). The cost will again be £10 per head. More details will follow on the dates for sessions 3 and 4.

At Christmas time we will hold the exhibition of Release into the Landscape work in Alston, giving people a chance to buy the work as presents.

Other events

We are drawing up a list of events for later in the summer once lockdown lifts. More details to come.

And, finally…

Your Board of Trustees would like to thank everyone who has helped so far including Alston Moor Partnership’s Community Fund.

As we are a small group of eight volunteers and the workload is growing, we would like to invite anyone interested in joining the Board of Trustees to consider the following roles: membership secretary, fundraising officer and events’ organiser. Please get in touch below.

ALATI Chair Kathy Reeds: 01434 321788/07958 046 259 (

Facebook: Alston Landscape Arts Town Initiative (ALATI)

The Alston Landscape Art Town Initiative (ALATI) was set up last winter to promote Alston Moor’s landscape widely. Its board of trustees includes two artists and three landscape photographers. Its goal is to celebrate Alston Moor’s landscapes, to attract visitors year-round to enjoy courses, art trips and exhibitions and to support local artists and photographers.

The members of its Board of Trustees are: Kathy Reeds (chair), Jane Burdett (treasurer), Jon Reeds (secretary), Helen Johnson, Lionel Playford, Brian Davies, Mike Knowles and Gordon Monk.

If you no longer with to receive ALATI newsletters, please notify us on

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